Comment un avocat crée une exposition unique à Hardangervidda


La newsletter de Gagarin:

Lettre de Per Lykke, Président du conseil d´administration du centre du parc national Hardangervidda 


“I am a lawyer in Norway and a local/ regional politician. Few years ago I was appointed as the chairman of the board of the Hardangervidda national park centre to solve big economic mess related to the centre. After a long negotiating process with the banks and new contributions from the owners we managed with fresh capital to get rid of considerable debts for the company and make a fresh start. Since we were a “new born” national park centre in Norway’s largest national park, The Hardangervidda national park, we realized that we had to put ourselves on the map by making an new suitable exhibition. I was asked to be the project leader of making such an exhibition.”

Lisez ici la déclaration en entier en anglais et en allemand