Exhibition winner at German Design Awards


Gagarin received the award for the best interactive exhibition in the German Design Awards 2016.

Wild Reindeer Exhibition winner – again !

It’s not the first time the Wild reindeer exhibition at Hardangervidda National Park Center has impressed jury members and award presenters – this is actually our 3rd international prize!
This time the exhibition was nominated in the “Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience” category, thus winning the award in the German Design Awards 2016.
The exhibition is designed by Icelandic Gagarin, and the 13 installations make an interactive journey into the history and life of the wild reindeer. The exhibition has a unique ability to engage the audience and convey knowledge in an interesting way.

We congratulate the winner!

Statement of the jury

«This fascinating exhibition in Norway’s Hardangervidda National Park included 13 interactive stations at which visitors can learn everything about reindeer, including their origin, biology and social behaviour. The worthwhile information comes from scientific data, and is presented in an exciting and entertaining manner. An attractive exhibition, both visually and in terms of content, which takes visitors on an unforgettable journey through the world of reindeer, thereby increasing awareness of this endangered species.»

Read the full statement of the jury in English and German