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Hardangervidda National Park Centre at Skinnarbu is authorized by the Norwegian Environment Agency as visitor center for Hardangervidda National Park. It is co-located with The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre who is a cooperative partner.

Interactive exhibition

The Hardangervidda National Park Center offers a interactive exhibition about nature and wild reindeer.

The exhibition is granted very nice reviews and has received several International Awards.

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Visitors can watch 4 different films in the cinema:

‘Hardangervidda National Park’ – 20 minutes, learn more about the national park
‘One with nature’ – a portrait of the WW2-hero Jens Anton Poulsson,
‘The Arctic Fox’ – 7 minutes, animated children’s movie about the arctic foxes
‘Mountain People’ – 20 minutes, artistic movie about locals relationship with the mountain

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Hardangervidda National Park Centre

Daily operations

Hardangervidda National Park Centre

Chairman of the Board

Per Lykke
Lawyer and regional politician. Project manager behind the center and the exhibition. Outdoor sportsman and hunter.

Hardangervidda National Park Centre


Børre Rønningen
Vice-president Børre has been in the board throughout the turnaround, since 2005. Former represent of Parlament and former mayor.


Board Members

Sverre Skogen
MBA, business background. Former MD of Aker Kværner etc. Outdoor sportsman and hunter.

Eivind Reiten
MBA, business and national politician background. Former General director of Norsk Hydro. Former minister of the ministry of oil and energy. Outdoor sportsman and hunter.

Gro Synnøve Brekka
Teacher and municipality politician.
Creative artistic leader and founder of “Marispelet”.
Outdoor sportswoman.

Gro Synnøve Bergsland
Teacher and municipality politician.

Jane Leidal
Municipality politician


Substitute Member

Einar Bull
Former Norwegian ambassador in Brussels and Rome, as well as former Chief of ESA.

Hardangervidda National Park Centre
Hardangervidda National Park Centre

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